3 Signs You Need To Get To The OBGYN For A Checkup

15 February 2023
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Your OBGYN does more than just give you your yearly pap smear. They are there for a number of different health concerns and issues that women may face throughout their lifetime. You may need to be seen for a number of other issues, not just for your regular checkup. If you aren't sure when you should see your OBGYN, there may be some symptoms that are telltale signs that you need to be seen. Read on for some signs that you need to go in for a checkup. 

1. You Have Severe Itching And Irregular Discharge

If you are experiencing severe itching of your vagina or you have irregular discharge that has more of a yellow or green color to it, you may have an infection that needs to be treated. Allowing the infection to worsen, could cause you to be in some pain, and it could cause other issues such as pain during sexual intercourse. If you have a vaginal infection, it's best to go to the OBGYN rather than attempting an at-home treatment. A medicated cream or an antibiotic may be necessary to have it treated.

2. You Have Painful Periods

If you have painful periods, which is abnormal for you, you need to get to the OBGYN for a checkup. If you have abnormal periods and pain, you could have a polyp, endometriosis, or some other issue going on that needs to be addressed and treated as necessary. As you age, your periods are going to change, but if they are causing you too much pain, or they are noticeably different, it's best to have a checkup and any necessary tests and treatments.

3. Unexplained Weight Loss Or Gain

If you are experiencing any unexplained weight loss or weight gain, or you should seek help from your OBGYN. You may have issues with your thyroid, or it could have something to do with your hormones. There could be some other medical issues as well. Issues with your weight can be treated by your OBGYN, so it's best to discuss your health with this medical professional.

If you have noticed any of these signs or symptoms, you should get to the OBGYN for a checkup, to have tests run if needed, and to get the necessary treatments to get your health issue under control. Your feminine health is important and all of these issues can be treated by your OBGYN.

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