3 Reasons To Deliver Your Baby At Home

9 August 2016
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If you are expecting a baby, you are probably thrilled with anticipation of the upcoming birth. As your due date approaches, you will likely have many different decisions to make concerning the birthing process, such as the location of the delivery. Many people choose to have their babies in a traditional hospital setting. However, some mothers choose to give birth at home. Here are a few reasons to have your baby at home:


There really is no place like home. Although a hospital setting is well-equipped for a delivery, it still has a clinical feel that some people may find cold or impersonal. By having your baby at home, you can enjoy the intimate setting of your house during the delivery. Aside from your midwife, you can choose to have as much or as little company during your birthing process as you desire, making the event completely personalized. You won't be in a hospital bed in a room shared with another obstetric patient whom you have never met before, and you won't be clothed in hospital garb.

Less Restrictions on Eating and Drinking

During a hospital delivery, you are often restricted from eating and drinking. In fact,your only nourishment may be ice chips. As a result, you may feel famished by the time the arrival of your bundle of joy takes place. However, during a home delivery, you are allowed to eat as much as you desire, so your body can have the energy you need to push. Still, as the time to push arrives, you will likely have less desire to eat.

No Epidurals Available if You Desire a Drug-free Birth

You may desire to deliver your child naturally. During a home delivery, an epidural is not likely to be performed, so you can stick to your plan for a drug-free birth. Even if you are tempted to ask for drugs during the most uncomfortable part of your delivery, most will not be available.

Often, mothers who choose an epidural or another invasive form of pain management after being in labor for hours believe that they could have delivered their child without the aid of medication. Thus, some have regrets about choosing drugs after desiring a drug-free delivery.

To learn more about a home delivery, consult with an obstetrician, from a clinic like Desert Rose OBGYN PC, or a midwife. Your provider can assess your condition to determine whether or not a home delivery is suitable for you.